Our Story

roosterHello, I’m Jim O’Brien, the creator of Crazy Good Specialty Foods. I am a classically trained chef and built this company in 2010. My mission is to create and produce products that chef’s prefer and market them in a manner in which Mom will approve. Although many of my products contain chiles and are classified as hot sauces, I do not make novelty products. Everything I make is designed to be enjoyed; not to inflict pain.

My products are vegetarian and vegan friendly (excluding Crazy Mary) as well as being all natural. I do not/will not use ingredients that you can’t pronounce and NEVER use corn syrup. Food should be fun. It should be a celebration of flavors, family and friends. I am committed to this standard because EVERYONE deserves to eat well.

Crazy Good began with a modest goal of subsidizing an income for my son’s education. Since then it has grown into a recognizable high integrity brand servicing major retailers and restaurants alike. I offer the most flavorful and cost effective all-natural-chef-driven products in their categories.

My current product line includes:

  • Crazy Mary – Bloody Mary Mixer
  • Crazy Rita – Margarita/Sour Mix
  • Shabam! Rustic Red Pepper Sauce
  • Green Chile Dust
  • Sweet Heat Smoked Pineapple Hot Sauce
  • Chaos Theory Ghost Pepper Sauce
  • Raging Pineapple Salsa (Hot & Medium)
  • Ri Ra Rooster Sauce – 4 Pepper Sriracha (label pictured above)
  • Crazy Gold – Habanero Hot Sauce

My Seasonal & Limited Edition Product Line Includes:

  • Crazy Mary Super Hot – Carolina Reaper Bloody Mary Mixer
  • Red Chile Rub
  • Fruits of Fire – Prickly Pear, Blackberry & Ghost Peppers

I’m always searching for fun & unique flavor combinations, and have thrown out the rule book. Food and life should be fun and vibrant. Celebrated your next meal with Crazy Good® Specialty Foods. I’ll will make your taste buds dance. Play with your food!

I hope you like what I do. Thanks for stopping by.

Jim O’Brien